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Edgetech Europe GmbH

Edgetech Europe GmbH

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About us

Edgetech Europe GmbH - strong partner of insulating glass manufacturers Edgetech Europe GmbH, located in Heinsberg Germany, is a fully-owned subsidiary of Quanex Building Products Corporation, an industry-leading manufacturer of components sold to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the building products industry. Based in Houston, Texas, Quanex designs and manufactures energy-efficient fenestration products, in addition to kitchen and bath cabinet components. Regarding the turnover Edgetech/Quanex is the world’s largest manufacturer of spacers. Edgetech Europe GmbH is a sales location for the markets in continental Europe and one of the three worldwide Edgetech production plants, with a total of 480 employees and 17 extruders.


Edgetech Europe GmbH
Gladbacher Str. 23
52525 Heinsberg

Phone:  +49 2452 9649109

Products & Services

Edgetech Super Spacer® - Warm Edge Technology

Edgetech Super Spacer® is the world’s first spacer system made from flexible structural foam with integrated drying agents. Compared to conventional aluminium spacers, the non-metallic material composite is impressive thanks to an exponentially lower thermal conductivity. The glass keeps the same temperature over the entire surface, the level of radiating cooling through the surfaces of the windows is reduced and the dew point shifts downwards, which reduces by up to 70% the formation of condensation in the border area compared with insulating glass windows without spacer. To a large extent, the flexible foam matrix of the Super Spacer® is moisture permeable. Therefore the high portion of drying agents can absorb moisture quickly. The combination of the multilayered vapor barriers in the spacer and the outer sealant helps seal against moisture from the outside and gas leakage from the inside.

Super Spacer® T-SpacerTM Premium/ Premium Plus and Super Spacer® TriSealTM Premium Plus

These flexible spacers made from silicone foam fulfil the most demanding commercial requirements, including Structural Sealant Glazing (SSG). The triple seal system Super Spacer® T-SpacerTM is fitted on the side with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive, which enables highly efficient automated processing.The Super Spacer® T-SpacerTM forms the basis for the triple seal system Super Spacer® TriSeal™ Premium Plus, which is fitted with a PIB sealant for easy manual processing.

Super Spacer® T-SpacerTM Premium/ Premium Plus and Super Spacer® TriSealTM Premium Plus

Super Spacer® Premium/ Premium Plus

The flexible spacer, Super Spacer® Premium, made from silicone foam provides maximum thermal insulation of the edge seal for insulating glass assemblies. Thanks to the integrated drying agent and lateral adhesive, the structural foam spacer significantly facilitates the manufacturing of insulating glass assemblies (IG). Available in heights of 4.7 mm (Premium) or 6.5 mm (Premium Plus).

Super Spacer® Premium/ Premium Plus

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