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SORG is the leading expert on glass melting and conditioning. Our customers can depend on the innovative SORG technology and appreciate our development activities for the future. Over the years SORG has developed a number of technologies that are now state-of-the-art in the industry. With our associated companies, we can offer an extensive range of products and services, serving the entire hot end of a glass factory.

For the whole spectrum of consumer glasses, SORG offers a unique combination of advanced technology, innovative and reliable components and professional services for all types of furnaces, working ends and forehearths.

Passion for glass and innovation insure the constant development of our products and processes. The nearly 100 patents granted to SORG speak for themselves. SORG takes on the challenges of our customers daily with solutions that minimize risk in their investments and continue to pay off into the future.

Products and services

Batch Charging Technology:
• EME-NEND® batch charger
• Batch3 concept

Forehearth Technology:
• SORG 340S+® Forehearth
• SORG® coloring forehearths and stirrers

Melting Technology:
• Furnaces for every glass type - from regenerative end-fired furnaces up to float and all-electric furnaces
• Additional systems (e.g. SORG Deep Refiner®, IRD® Doghouse)
• Regenerative systems (reversing systems and air preheating)
• Recuperative systems (recuperators and burners)
• Gas equipment and supply systems
• Gas / oil / oxygen burners and burner holders, e.g. the SORG® burner holder WSH / WSM
• Electrically heated systems (e.g. melting and forehearth boosting)
• Special equipment for our VSM® all-electric furnace, e.g. the SORG® top electrodes

NOx / Emission Reduction Technology:
• Reversing systems
• Waste gas pipes and ducts
• Natural draught and injector chimneys

Control and SCADA Systems

SORG® Services:
• Consulting, Audits, After Sales Service and more

SORG 340S+® Forehearth

The SORG® 340S+ is the further development of our successful 340S® forehearth. The largest modification from the old to the new model regards the cooling air supply. All forehearth and working end zones as well as possible bottom cooling will be served by only one fan - and not by two or even more fans. This reduces investment, operating, and mainentance costs.

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SORG® Burner Holders WSH / WSM

The newly developed SORG® burner holder is characterized by the fulcrum of the burner being located in the burner nozzle in the front. There are two different types: the WSH holder and the WSM holder. The WSH provides manual adjustment of the horizontal and vertical burner angles. The WSM offers the manual adjustment of the horizontal angle and the motorized adjustment of the vertical burner angle. To adjust the burner angle no tools are necessary.

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EME-NEND® Batch Charger

The batch chargers of the EME-NEND® series enable complete sealing of the doghouse with all the attendant advantages: no energy losses, no dusting around the furnace and no carry-over within the furnace. Further batch charger types are: pusher, screw, chute, float glass and enfolding chargers.

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News & Innovations

Heinz Glas Dzialdowo starts operation of new SORG end-fired furnace

The company Heinz Glas Dzialdowo manufactures high-quality cosmetic bottles. Through extensive investments in all areas, the plant was repositioned to meet future requirements. The old recuperative melting plant with a melting capacity of 70 tpd – energetically, environmentally and in terms of efficiency no longer meeting the necessary standard – was replaced by a state-of-the-art SORG® regenerative end-fired furnace with a melting capacity of 150 tpd.

The furnace with STW working end is connected to six STF production lines, two of which equipped as SORG® coloring forehearths. Regarding safety technology, the highest level according to DIN/EN 746-2 was implemented with redundant SORG® gas supply and safety control for melting end and forehearths. The new SORG® burner holders WSH, modular stirrers as well as the SORG CONTI-DRAIN® are also used. With the start of production, the glass quality met the high demands of Heinz Glas and the total energy consumption is lower than specified.

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